You came to the right place

Welcome to Sawakoba’s Universe! This server is a place for chatting, interacting with members and more! The members and staff together form a family that works together to create a healthy, safe, and fun environment for our veterans and rookies. The staff of Sawakoba’s Universe is dedicated to helping out those who need it as well as enforcing the rules, to ensure said positive and friendly environment.

Giveaways and events are also held on a daily basis in our giveaway server and occasionally on our main server. Everyday, our giveaway server hosts giveaways of all sorts, with prizes ranging from physical items to steam games and to bot currency, with varying requirements for each individual giveaway. That isn’t all though, as we also host events where the members of our community can actively participate in. These events range from beauty contests, art competitions, talent show-esque events, and more.

We hope you enjoy your stay here at Sawakoba’s Universe!

We don’t bite, well..

everyone except for maybe Shiko.